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Refund Policy
No refunds can be issued after funds have been applied to your cell phone service. Since all of our plans are Pre-Paid If you agree to our 'auto re-new' program and want to stop your auto re-new you must email support@unlimitedwireless4u.com 48 hours before your 30 days of service are up to cancel your auto re-new. Refunds on cell phones will only be granted within 7 days of receipt.  Email RMA@unlimitedwireless4u.com to receive a RMA number. No refund will be granted with out a RMA number attached to the returned cell phone.

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Use of this website does not grant the user any right to copy or reproduce any graphic, content, or text with out prior written consent of the owner of UnlimitedWireless4u. Links to other websites are strictly for information purposes only and UnlimitedWireless4u can not guarantee the content with in the other websites.
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